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Additional Water Garden Design Information

Now that we have gotten past the first major step in creating a water garden, let’s decide what type of design we would like to accomplish. There are basically two styles we can start from – the formal and the informal. When we talk about the formal design, we are talking about symmetrical shapes such as rectangles, squares, or a shape which will be equivalent to its opposite side. If you want a sharp, clean effect to your water garden design, then use a formal style. Formal style may not give the “natural look or feel” as an informal style. When we are talking about informal style, we mean kidney shape, pear shape, or any shape that is asymmetrical. You might have your own shape in mind, but just remember what you are expecting out of the finished product – natural looking beauty.

A good water garden pond to begin with is a 10 x 16 ft area and needs to be about 2-3 feet deep in the center. To give yourself enough room to establish the look you are trying to achieve, you will want to start larger than too small. This seems to be a common mistake in first time water garden projects. Once you have added all your foliage, fish, and edging, the overall appearance of your water garden design may seem out of proportion. Work with a focal point, such as your fountain or waterfall. Before beginning construction to your pond site, try to diagram how you would like your water garden plan to appear. During the construction you may wish to add features different from your original plan. Try to start small with your accent pieces and work in what you want as it appeals to you.

There are a variety of garden basins and containers in all shapes and sizes. If you would like to start small, then you might consider making an indoor water garden. Indoor water gardens can be placed in any room in the house. Larger containers to choose from would be a whiskey barrel container, an old bathtub, or maybe an old satellite dish. To avoid discarding old plastic swimming pools and cattle water tanks, think of using them as a garden or fish pond. As long as your basin can contain water without leakage, it can be used as a water garden container. If you are concerned about water leakage in the type of basin you are using, you can always insert a pre-formed pond liner inside of it to give yourself that ease of mind.

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